About Us


VitalAire Systems mission is to raise awareness on indoor airborne contaminants and provide medical grade solutions for healthier, safer indoor air. Our commitment is to create an environment that is cleaner and safer for the people to breathe clean, healthy and natural air. Whether you have allergies, asthmas, or chemical sensitivities, Vitalaire Systems mission is to improve lives and solve some of the world’s greatest problems, beginning with indoor air pollution.


VitalAire Systems thrives on giving world class customer experience and customer service, that’s why we became certified retailers/distributors for every company that we sell products for so you are assured knowledgeable service. We ensure value for your money by being selective about which companies we represent. This is why we are considered as one of the most highly-respected and recognized dealers in the air purification industry. We value every customer’s needs.


Email: Support@vitalairesystems.com

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