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Airpura 2" 18lb. Enhanced Carbon Filter (Coconut Shell)

Airpura 2" 18lb. Enhanced Carbon Filter (Coconut Shell)

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Changing the Airpura 18lb Enhanced Coconut Carbon Filter for Chemical and Smoke Relief air purifiers restores your Airpura ability to effectively sanitize the air of your indoor environment of heavy concentrations of chemical vapors, toxic gases, formaldahyde, dust and smoke.

Manufacturer recommends changing this filter every two years to insure safe breathing indoor environments.


Fits Models

  • P600/P700
  • P614/P714
  • P600+/P700+
  • P614+/P714+
  • R600/R700
  • R614/R714
  • UV600/UV700
  • UV614/UV714



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